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Three Distinct Classes Simplify Your Search

You know what you’re looking for in a used truck. We know how to steer you in the right direction. Ryder separates our unparalleled inventory into three distinct classes, each with unique prices, protections and benefits. Simply choose the class that fits your needs.

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Guaranteed quality

For guaranteed reliability at an affordable price, choose our highest-quality used vehicles. Ryder Certified™ trucks have had just one prior owner – Ryder, with our legendary 80-year history in vehicle care. No one maintains trucks like Ryder. With Ryder Certified™, you drive away with a vehicle – and a deal – you can trust, and more benefits than you might expect!


Additional restrictions may apply on certain Ryder Certified™ truck sales.

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Tried and true trucks you can trust

Go ahead. Kick the tires. Ryder Verified helps you build your fleet with road-ready, fully DOT compliant trucks. While you should expect to see some wear and tear on these vehicles, you’ll also see the benefit of buying from Ryder.

Isuzu NQR Trucks



We’ll fix you up with a fixer-upper. Ryder As-Is vehicles require repairs in order to be road ready and meet DOT standards. Look no further Ryder has the right vehicle for you. Find great prices on project or parts trucks.



Ryder Used Trucks - In a class of their own

No matter what vehicle class you look at, you’ll benefit from an incredible selection. Ryder offers more than 9,000 used trucks to fit every need. The search is simple, with online matches and convenient  Sales Centers  throughout North America. Invest in your business with Ryder reliability and trustworthy trucks.

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