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Ryder Disrupts E-commerce Industry by Enabling Manufacturers to Go Direct to Online Consumers

How Can an e-Commerce Fulfillment Solution Work for You?

As the industry leader in fully integrated supply chain solutions, Ryder has turned e-commerce challenges into omni-channel distribution capabilities. Built on innovation and best practices, these solutions allow you to meet customer demands seamlessly through one and two day order fulfillment and delivery.

By partnering with Ryder, you get access to:

Over 95% of U.S. and Canada served within two days as part of e-commerce fulfillment

121 e-commerce hubs across North America

100% end‑to‑end real‑time visibility

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Multi-Client Fulfillment Centers

As the ‘Now Economy’ creates more complexities in the industry and consumer demands rise, supply chain managers are adjusting strategies to keep pace with the e-commerce phenomenon. With over 50 million square feet of warehouse space managed across North America, we are able to leverage space for multi-client fulfillment centers to help you eliminate excess infrastructure and inventory. These facilites help you meet your customers’ demands and increase margins by selling your product direct and fulfilling your orders through our network.


End-to-End Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Ryder delivers a seamless experience built on predictive planning and analytics, automated processes, and optimized transportation services.

  • Ordering – Our teams work with you to place inventory where it is needed before orders are received. Our systems give you real-time visibility of your inventory. Smart order management logic routes orders to the center best suited to fulfill the order.
  • Fulfillment – Our smart warehouses allow you to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently through sortation, conveyance, and palletizers that reduce transit time, product damage, and costs; assisted picking to increase speed and accuracy; and predictive and autonomous replenishment to reduce stock outs.
  • Transportation – You benefit from integration with our dedicated fleet as well as our network of over 3,100 carriers, balancing cost and service.
  • Returns – Our full service solution comprises of a best-in-class return logistics operation that includes returns processing, repairs, and end of lifecycle management.
  • WMS – With a best-in-class order fulfillment system you achieve greater visibility and actionable business intelligence for your omni-channel solution.
  • Last Mile Delivery – Our national home delivery network comprises of 121 hubs that serve more than 95% of the U.S. and Canada within a two-day delivery timeframe as part of e-commerce fulfillment. This provides you with the ability to serve customers with parcel and big & bulky requirements, as well as white glove installation with multiple tiers of service.

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