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Industrial Manufacturing

Industry challenges such as a lack of network visibility, limited access to business intelligence, scarce capacity, and increasing freight rates make it more difficult for companies to operate on their own. By partnering with Ryder, we work with you to design a customized supply chain solution that includes warehouse and distribution center engineering, as well as dynamic transportation routing and load optimization to improve efficiency and lower costs.


50M square feet of warehouses managed

99% on-time delivery

100% end-to-end visibility across your entire supply chain


What if your worst industrial manufacturing transportation and supply chain logistics problems weren’t your problem anymore?

At Ryder, we work with you to seamlessly integrate new processes to help you overcome industry disruptions. For example, when automotive suppliers and manufacturers replaced manual processes with LEAN practices, companies were able to eliminate waste, increase speed-to-market, and lower operating costs. However, the benefits of change don’t end there. With build to demand methodologies, we engineer solutions that make your operation more flexible and scalable. Additionally, our fully integrated supply chain and transportation solutions provide you with just–in-time delivery, visibility technology, and key business intelligence for continuous improvement.

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