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An efficient, flexible and responsive supply chain is critical to today’s complex and fast moving automotive manufacturing operation. Ryder is the leader in logistics solutions for the automotive industry and has operated behind the scenes for nearly 40 years helping the world’s top manufacturers improve speed to market and reduce costs. In fact, we implemented North America’s first large scale just-in-time supply delivery system supporting a state-of-the-art automotive manufacturing plant.


Efficiency Experience at least a 10% increase in output

LEAN Just-in-time parts delivery and continuous improvement

Quality Precision performance at .999 PPM

Safety #1 "Best Security in Transportation"

Smooth Border-crossing - average 1 hour when crossing Canadian, Mexican, or U.S. borders

Visibility Control tower provides real-time visibility into millions of parts movements down to the SKU


There’s no room for error in the automotive industry, which means there’s also no room for a supply chain that’s anything less than perfect. That’s why the world’s top automotive manufacturers and suppliers trust Ryder to manage their most complex and critical logistics operations. From lead logistics and dedicated transportation, to inbound material flow, line-side delivery, kitting, sequencing, and sub-assembly, Ryder’s horsepower will help you drive efficiency, savings, and success.

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