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Thank You Front Line Workers Thank You Truck Drivers, Technicians, and All Front Line Transportation and Logistics Employees

Three trucks on rural road

As we all navigate the evolving coronavirus pandemic together, Ryder truck drivers are on the front line. Every day, our drivers are delivering many of the medical supplies, face masks, food, toilet paper, and thousands of other essential items that consumers and businesses need to get through this time. As they keep the wheels of their trucks turning, they keep the world safe and moving forward. Thank you Ryder drivers, and truck drivers around the world.


Ryder supply chain employees are making daily sacrifices to ensure we meet our customers’ needs during this unprecedented time. They are working diligently in warehouses and distribution centers across North America to make sure orders are fulfilled accurately and inventory makes it to store shelves and front doors on-time. As an essential provider, we could not be more proud of all our employees who are ensuring products move swiftly and consumers are satisfied, while keeping safety as a top priority. Thank you for making a difference.



Keeping the economy in tune during the unparalleled coronavirus pandemic is not easy. Every day, Ryder technicians, rental agents and employees in used vehicle sales are going above and beyond so that our customers have the reliable trucks they need to deliver the products consumers need to get through this challenging time. With every turn of the wrench our technicians are making it count. The ease of accessing a rental truck for increased demand is top of mind for our rental agents, and finding a customer in need the right Ryder used vehicle is 100% of the sales teams focus. In short, our front line employees in Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) are keeping our nation moving forward. And for that, we say thank you!

"Our teams are working to serve your needs, while staying nimble and focusing on safety."