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Winter Preparedness

Your source for the tips, advice, and information you need to keep your fleet and drivers safe during winter.


Winter Weather Terms

Familiarize yourself with these key weather terms. 

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Winter Truck Maintenance

Make sure your vehicle is properly serviced and maintained before the winter season begins.  

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Winter Fleet Fueling

Proper maintenance of vehicle fuel tanks is an essential part of running a trouble-free winter operation.  

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New Engine Technology

Fleet operators with newer 2007/2010 Engine Technology must consider some special circumstances for maintaining their fleet this winter.  

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Winter Tire Essentials

Winter tires are essential to many fleets in the coldest parts of the country. Learn what to look for when inspecting your tires this season.  

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Battling Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue is a problem exacerbated during the winter. If you’re a fleet manager, use this tip sheet for advice on how to keep your drivers safe.

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Safe Winter Driving

Refresh your knowledge of important preventive driving habits that can make a big difference in winter driving safety.  

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Driver Emergency Kit Checklist

It’s crucial to equip your vehicle and your drivers with a variety of survival, safety and maintenance items.  

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Driving in Low Visibility

Driving in low visibility during a winter storm requires drivers be trained for a unique and often, dangerous, set of road conditions. Get the information you need here.  

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