Ryder Continuous Improvement

Through our implementation of LEAN and continuous improvement practices we drive efficiency and productivity by leveraging actionable business intelligence and taking cost and waste out of your operation.

LEAN Processes

By re-engineering your supply chain through implementation of LEAN business systems, we help you eliminate waste, improve productivity, enhance customer service, and lower operating costs. This is achieved by improving the culture, communication, and customer experience. Our LEAN approach targets seven kinds of waste that can weaken your supply chain: overproduction, unnecessary downtime, excessive transportation, inappropriate processing, poor inventory management, redundant or excess motion, and insufficient quality control.

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Engineering and Analytics

Our solutions are designed for what best fits your needs. First, we’ll take a look at your existing strategy, transportation and distribution network, sourcing/manufacturing locations, and delivery destinations. Based on financial incentives, labor, land, taxes, and utilities, we find the ideal number and location of distribution centers, warehouses, cross-docks, and other logistics facilities, as well as transportation modes. Once we engineer a new design, we use network analysis, cost-based routing, and mode selection to find the best way to move your products.

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Professional and Consultative Services

Ryder professional services ensure each facet of your supply chain is looked at and analyzed by the industry’s leading supply chain experts. Through our consulting and management services, we assess all areas of your operation and provide recommendations for continuous improvement and long-term growth of your business and our partnership. As a result, you get network benchmarking, access to industry leading tools and analytics, re-engineering, and network flow analysis.

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Let Us Know How We Can Help

Every business is unique and we would love to talk about how we can help yours. Please tell us a little about yourself so we can make sure the right person gives you a call. For HR or Career related inquiries, please visit our Ryder Careers page. For Driver inquiries, learn more here.

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