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PeopleNet Training

RydeSmart, powered by PeopleNet training modules can be found by clicking on the following link,  Simply click on “Start”, enter your name, email address and PeopleNet Customer ID (listed above) to gain access.  The materials included will provide basic instructions on system administration, in-cab devices, driver logs, fuel tax, reporting capabilities and driver training.

PeopleNet Support

Technical Support

For technical (non-billing) issues, take the following steps (in order):

  1. Call the technical support hotline to report the issue
    1. Contact customer support for PeopleNet at 888-346-3486 or
    2. Support will open a case and troubleshoot with the driver if the vehicle is available
    3. If the issue cannot be resolved over the phone, then proceed to the next step
  2. Schedule a visit to the local Ryder shop with vehicle
    1. The incomplete case will be assigned to the shop by tech support and the driver will be advised to schedule the vehicle with the shop

Non-Technical Support

For all billing, account, and non-technical support issues, the customer should contact RydeSmart Customer Care at or 800-Ryder56 and select Option 1.