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ELD Mandate

ALERT: Ryder's Breakthrough Solution to the ELD Mandate

Natural Gas Vehicles

The drive for a more sustainable fleet begins with concerns about volatile fuel prices, emissions regulations, and a smaller carbon footprint. If you are ready to make the move to a greener fleet, we can help.


Expertise More than 150 million natural gas miles traveled

Accessibility 1,700 NG fueling locations

Sustainability 25-90% reduction in carbon footprint

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Natural-gas-powered trucks offer a variety of environmental and cost-saving benefits. They're safe, powerful and run clean. And they offer long-term, sustainable fleet advantages to commercial rental, full service lease and dedicated customers with local routes in high-density regions. Natural gas is more affordable than diesel fuel and offers improved operational efficiencies and a variety of benefits.

We have invested $100 million in natural gas vehicles and infrastructure, and are an industry leader in sustainable solutions. Whether you rent or lease, with natural gas vehicles from Ryder you can:

  • Tap into a plentiful domestic energy source that helps to reduce dependence on petroleum imports
  • Reduce total well-to-wheel CO2 emissions 25-90 percent
  • Eliminate smog-producing particulates and help eliminate air pollution
  • Reduce fleet fuel costs by as much as 42 percent
  • Use Ryder advanced technologies to optimize your fleet
  • Tap into an alternative fuels infrastructure without the cost or complexity

Real World Example: Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle Distributors partnered with Ryder to launch the largest environmental initiative in its history. Ryder’s Flex-to-Green lease allowed them to ease into a natural gas fleet by having the option to switch their diesel-powered vehicles to greener, more fuel-efficient vehicles – at their own pace and with minimum commitment and maximum lease flexibility.

We Offered:
  • Conversion of 34 trucks to natural gas
  • Upgrade on-site maintenance shops
  • Upgrade on-site fueling stations
The Results:
  • Immediate reduction in transportation costs by 4.3%
  • 23% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • 95% decrease in particulate matter
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