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Truck Leasing vs Owning

You, like all other businesses, have a decision to make – own or lease your fleet. The way you manage your fleet, impacts your overall business strategy and success going forward, with dependability, predictability, and efficient use of capital looming large. This holds true whether you lease or own your fleet.

How the 2018 Tax Reform Affects Your Fleet

Tax Reform 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

New tax law changes have strengthened the value of leasing a fleet, making it even more attractive in most cases than owning. At Ryder, we completed a deep analysis of our Ryder ChoiceLease product and adjusted our pricing model to benefit our customers. In addition to the cost of a lease going down, the reduction in the tax rate makes leasing a more financially sound decision because the lower tax rate translates into a diminished tax shield.

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See What Customers Are Saying

“Strictly from a financial perspective, when you factor in the relatively low finance rate of a lease deal and weigh that against the impact of carrying a heavy capital expense as debt on your balance sheet, it’s an attractive deal. And there’s so much more that comes with a full-service lease that it’s really more of a strategic decision than a financial one.

— Robert Holland, Vice President, Transportation & Logistics at Tailored Brands, Inc.

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