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0.27 Accidents per million miles traveled

Guaranteed Regulatory compliance

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When dealing with the flood of safety and environmental regulations that face the industry, you need confidence that your fleet is compliant. As one of the industry leaders in safety, and with one of the largest fleets in the industry, we often see trends before our customers do.

Our dedicated safety team ensures that you’ll be ahead of the game as new regulations and vehicle safety technologies are introduced to the industry. This enables us to put our experience, knowledge, and relationships with regulators and equipment manufacturers to work for you while keeping your operation running at the lowest total network cost.

With a Ryder Dedicated Transportation Solution, you also benefit from our fleet protection services during a time in which major companies are raising rates and/or dropping policies. Ryder’s fleet protection saves you the time and stress of dealing with it yourself.

Discover more ways our Ryder Dedicated Transportation Solution can work for you.

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