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Apria Healthcare

Ryder provides a dedicated fleet of 29 drivers, 23 tractors and 34 trailers to Apria Healthcare. Ryder handles approximately 325 shipments equating to 90 truckloads per week through Dedicated Transportation and Transportation Management.

Apria Case Study

Apria Case Study

Apria Healthcare Case Study


  • Suppliers were making hundreds of direct shipments to Apria distribution centers annually
  • Less than 5% of shipments were moving on truckload pricing, including an overuse of expedited freight
  • Week-to-week order/delivery volumes varied greatly; dedicated routes were running 50% empty on backhaul lanes



Ryder Dedicated Transportation Solutions provides tailored solutions engineered uniquely for each customer. Through route engineering, all lanes are optimized offering a cost savings to the customer. Ryder’s ability to be flexible during the peaks and valleys of demand makes sure customers are maximizing their productivity and profitability.

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