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The Ryder Charitable Foundation supports innovative technological initiatives that focus on transportation, logistics and supply chain management, including ground-breaking research that benefits the general public and our industry.



Here are a few of the organizations and initiatives Ryder supports.

University of Miami Capstone Project

The University of Miami Capstone Project gives top senior engineering students the opportunity to take on real-world analytical business challenges. Teams of students use statistical and modeling tools to generate solutions to complex issues, while testing their knowledge and skills. At the end of the semester, the students present their results to Ryder senior executives, The program allows students to better understand the problems companies face and the role of corporate teamwork and innovation in finding effective solutions.

Women in Trucking

Responding to the increasing number of women choosing careers in the industry and to inspire more women to do so, Ryder partnered with Women in Trucking. Women in Trucking encourages the employment of women in the trucking industry, including innovative approaches that improve working conditions for female drivers. Ryder collaborated with the organization and design experts to develop ergonomic truck cab designs that enhance safety while addressing unique challenges women face when operating commercial heavy duty vehicles. Ryder deployed these designs in its owned and leased fleet and helps encourage vehicle manufacturers to consider additional design changes. 

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